Penovino is not using any kind of ink to mark the metal surfce.

This is an Electro-etching process.

Penovino will help you to permanently mark your name, trademarks, product information and your designs on any metal surface. If you manufacture anything out of metal such as knifes, tools or any metal parts you can use Penovino to mark them.

Penovino produces a sharp, clean impression without damaging or distorting the metal. Many industries use it to produce serial numbers, date codes, trademarks, and measurement markings, etc. Small businesses and hobbyists/artists mark everything from knives and tools to personal articles like sports equipment and musical instruments.

Electrochemical etching starts by first creating an image on a stencil. The image is then transferred to the metal surface with electrolyte and electric current. Electrochemical marking can be used to mark hardened, thin, or already assembled metal parts. On most metals, you can create either a black or dark mark on AC or a deeper white or frosted mark on DC.

Penovino is patented. And it is the most economical and practical way of marking.

Penovino your trademark on your products.


– Always ready to use
– Do it in seconds in your own shop
– No touch to any chemical
– Cheap to have Cheap to use
– Easy control with pen shape
– Steel body and gold-plated connectors

Some Pictures;